Electronic Safety Systems (ESS)
Our ESS products are designed for a quick fit and instant use, products that will help to improve road safety for everyone, including cyclists and pedestrians particularly in urban areas.  Simplicity in design, efficient and green operation uses solar energy and power harvesting to supply and charge the products batteries means that the carbon footprint is virtually zero, because we care about the environment and our urban air quality. Please take time to look at the ever growing product range by visiting our site often as we will continue to add products all the time, if you have a product you would like to see added to our collection then let us know and we will do our best to make it for you!

All our PCB's are made from FR4

a high grade material

and are assembled using RoHS

compliant solders with NO Lead

or other heavy metals or polluting materials

components are carefully selected to 

ensure that we know their authenticity, quality

 and have full traceability for our QA system.

Simplicity improves Safety


Because there are less instruments to look at

Concept for a Long Life & Reliability

The concept of all our products is simplicity in design and ease of operation, no frills, but to give a long and reliable working life.  We use high quality components and materials and every product is thoroughly tested for operation in environmental test chambers that will shake, shock, blast them with hot and cold air, expose them to 100% humidity and spray them with water, only survival of all these will qualify them for sale.

Our test regime and design process enables us to provide a 5 year warranty* with confidence that our customers will not need to ever use it.


Keeping things as simple as possible from the electronics to the mechanical design improves reliability and life of the product, why make it more complicated than it needs to be? In addition simplicity based on minimum component design reflects on the cost, by keeping it simple also keeps the cost down without compromising its effectiveness.


ESS products use the very latest technologies, GPS, wireless radio to connect modules to CPU, Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi for internet access and 3G/4G are all optional on some systems.  Our motion sensor technologies are MEMS based with high specifications for greater accuracy and fast response, other technologies that we use are laser, infra-red, microwave and magnetic for a wide range of driver comfort and safety products including spoken word and audio warning information systems that do not require the driver to take eyes off the road.

User Interfaces

We have chosen to use minimal user controls by automating many features because too many lights and buttons increase distraction so we only use buttons where they are considered to be necessary from a safety point of view.  Audible warning tones and spoken warnings  are safer and result in higher impact of getting the safety message across to the driver without unnecessary distraction so our products are deliberately designed as Minimal, we consider them as functional safety devices not gimmicky dashboard bling.

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